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America's businesses are straining to maintain forward momentum, and for alternatives to cost-cutting and manpower reductions—For new ways of looking at old problems!

In response, companies are leveraging their software investment to make sense out of a mountain of data, and implementing process improvements using available technology. QMS integrates cutting-edge business management tools, comprehensive process / workflow analysis, and software modeling techiques to drive efficient, innovative and continuously improving process improvement. Our expertise in these tools and guidance in their application results in the QMS value proposition . . .

"Break Through the Data Bottleneck"

Companies rely on Material / Enterprise Resource Planning business-system software and a staffed Information Technology department to deliver timely information. However, they are regularly swamped with feature requests and the workload of glitches and continuous system maintenance. You may also know that it can take weeks for an MRP / ERP software representative to arrive, and at a cost of thousands of dollars for a short-term fix. Instead, get superior data and information control witnin your grasp—Just what you need to jump-start your improvement projects!

Consider our software alternative—low-cost solutions to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are under YOUR design control, available for use on YOUR schedule, using the data that YOUR team decides is critical. Crucial Business Intelligence (BI) decisions are now better informed, timely and viable—Solutions that are realized through a dedicated, cross-functional team that meets YOUR time frame and data requirements! Couple this with proven business tools and you have the foundation for a winning business strategy!

As our introduction to a new way of thinking, please … request a free trial of QMS' flagship software application, the QMS Variance Log. This is probably the break you've been waiting for, so take the plunge TODAY!

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